Data Roaming


The challenge

We were all in desperate need of a holiday after the COVID Pandemic. In 2022, the good news was that the world was starting to open up… the bad news was that economic issues meant that people couldn’t afford to do the things they loved. To make things worse, the majority of mobile SIM providers had removed free roaming data following Brexit. But not SMARTY.

The approach

Use relatable and authentic influencers to demonstrate how people can still travel Europe and use their phone as they would in the UK.



The solution

We sent Teddy Soares and Faye Winter (of Love Island fame) to Europe, armed with a SMARTY SIM and data roaming. Faye was handed a SMARTY SIM to show the ease of traveling with a mobile phone and Teddy had to rely on an old fashioned map.

With the support of our production team they each posted an Instagram Reel, following them on their epic journeys across the city over 48 hours.

The Impact

The campaign over performed by 103%, and the influencers created an extra 50% of free added value for SMARTY. With over 1,500 people driven to the SMARTY website, the campaign had a 20% higher click-through-rate than the brand’s previous activations.




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