Mario Golf
Tiktok 'Trick-Shots'


The Challenge

Nintendo Switch launched Mario Golf: Super Rush and we were tasked to create as much awareness for the game as possible with a small budget.

The approach

We jumped on the popular ‘Trick-Shot’ TikTok trend to showcase gameplay and highlight exclusive in-game features, with an aim to reach ‘non-gamers’ with fun content.

The solution

We partnered with five lifestyle influencers: Joel Mawhinney, Chunkz, Max and Harvey, Liv Cooke and Ryan James Thomas, and challenged them to create their own at Home TikTok ‘trick-shots’ inspired by the in-game special shots. Our influencers brought to life the Special Shots in ways that resonate with their audiences and ramped by organic engagement by inviting followers to rate trick shots or tag the person they want to challenge at the game.

The Impact

Sales targets smashed!


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