NERF Super Soaker Challenge


The Challenge

Demonstrate to families that NERF Super Soaker is the perfect companion for hot summers in the sun, while showing off the full range of products.

The Approach

In anticipation of the looming heatwave we identified creators who produced lifestyle, family, or comedy content that would capture the the fun of NERF and appeal to the target audience.

The Solution

The campaign was truly reactionary. As the heatwave started to hit, created a bespoke NERF Super Soaker mailer containing iconic products from the range. We gifted these to a series of micro and macro influencers and invited them to join the NERF #SuperSoakerShowdown. Content went live on the hottest day of 2022.

The Impact

Audiences adored the content which allowed us to drive over 16,700 engagements and an average engagement rate of 4%. The planned reactive content was hugely successful, allowing us to leverage seasonality and amplify our reach to the greatest number of consumers with relevant, relatable content.


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