Monopoly World Tour


The Challenge

Drive an increase in consideration and awareness of Monopoly Travel World Tour during a key sales period in the build up to Christmas.

The Approach

The average eight-year-old knows the name of more virtual worlds than countries in the world – that’s because the names and positions of countries are a bit meaningless when you read them in a text-book. We needed to creatively showcase gameplay by  piquing media & consumer interest through the creation of an IRL and digital immersive travel learning experience that demonstrates how Monopoly has moved into travel.


The solution

Our friends at PrettyGreen created an immersive & educational travel experience, Monopoly Travel World Tours – a travel agency like no other. No rows upon rows of boring holiday brochures or endless scrolling searching for those cheap last-minute deals, instead customers experienced the fun & excitement of travelling and learning about the world, free of charge, where the only currency accepted is a great sense of adventure & lots of worldly knowledge.

We partnered with micro-influencers to create an Instagram campaign using Monopoly Travel World Tour as a springboard to connect with audiences around the nostalgia of family holidays. Each location, from Stonehenge to Alhambra, and beyond, related to one of the locations on the Monopoly board.

Creators went live across two phases. Phase 1 drove ticket sales for the IRL event in central London, whilst Phase 2 invited audiences to take part in the digital experience

Each influencer produced a package of content across Instagram reels and stories. The reels were filled with family fun and adventure, focusing on the product, before sharing footage from previous trips to board locations. The Instagram stories were unpolished and real, inviting other families to take part in the IRL/ Digital event.

The Impact

The multi-layered campaign had an overwhelmingly positive response from families who saw themselves taking part in the fun. By intelligently targeting influencers, we were able to connect with audiences who held a deep affinity with the product while inspiring an engagement rate of over 4.1% across the campaign.

The Results

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