Cluedo Escape: Playcations


The Challenge

Leverage Cluedo’s equity and cinematic DNA to launch Cluedo Escape: Treachery at Tudor Mansion. Position Cluedo as an immersive gaming experience for adults and up-aged families and develop a campaign which shows the fun of the collaborative game play of Cluedo Escape.

The Approach

Cluedo is the OG of immersive mystery and has the brand credibility and awareness to bring this new game to life like no other mystery brand can – in an IRL setting we know post-pandemic consumers were craving. Our strategy therefore was to position Cluedo as the ultimate immersive mystery makers by bringing the board game to life in the flesh.

The Solution

‘Cluedo Playcations’. At a selection of remote forgotten lake houses and mysterious farm-houses, giving consumers the opportunity to book their very own Cluedo inspired overnight stays, putting themselves into the shoes of Colonel Mustard and Miss Scarlett as they worked together to find out whodunnit.

Influencers were invited to attend an exclusive ‘Playcation’ event at the historic Kingswood Tudor Mansion. They took part in an immersive, real-life Cluedo Escape: Treachery at Tudor Mansion experience and captured the fun and excitement on either Instagram or TikTok.

Each influencer produced content across 2 phases. Phase 1 – influencers shared Instagram Stories driving anticipation of their stay at the Cluedo Escape Playcation. Phase 2 – influencers shared Reels or TikToks showing the fun, chaos and treachery that unfolded during their games night.

The Impact

Partnering with a range of influencers speaking to unique audiences, from different verticals, allowed us to authentically engage real fans of Cluedo. There was a 95% positive comment sentiment towards Cluedo Escape: Treachery at Tudor Mansion and audiences were scrambling to book their own stays. This campaign exceeded KPIs vs clickthrough rates, engagement, and pieces of content.


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