The Classics


The Challenge

Remind people that Hasbro’s old favourites Operation, Cluedo and Twister are #TheClassics that should always be a part of your games night.

The Approach

We identified Instagram as the best platform to convert users into customers with organic content. We then carefully selected comedy, sketch-style influencers, who could capture the fun and nostalgia of the games and bring them to life for fans old and new.

The Solution

We asked influencers to take a trip down memory lane and produce Instagram video content that: 1. Brought to life the nostalgia and common themes associated with gaming and 2. Encouraged and inspired their audiences to host their own games nights. From a real life Operation with The Famileigh, to a parody song with Josh Weller, and much more! Influencers had fun authentically creating content their audiences adored.

The Impact

Drove 1,527 clicks to shop Hasbro Classic games.


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