Talking The Talk


What They Said headed down to the Digital World Marketing Forum in June – a leading industry event where industry experts gather to discuss the trends & tech in digital marketing. The forum covers various topics such as content marketing, social media and data-driven strategies, as well as influencer marketing.

Our Senior Campaign Director, Sammy Albon, had a busy couple of days leading panels and talk sessions focusing on DE&I within influencer marketing. We were proud to speak openly about our commitments to inclusion and representation and how we’re challenging the industry to do and be better. After all, the magic of influencer marketing is that brands can partner with people who look, live and sound like a brand’s target consumer – so why miss anyone out?

DE&I influencer marketing session host
Digital World Marketing Forum event
DE&I influencer marketing panel discussion

Day 1 saw What They Said Hosting “Is influencer marketing still behind on inclusivity?” which shared insight into how brands who are authentically championing DE&I are winning and how lack of action through fear of getting it wrong, only makes the issue more prevalent. Key takeaway – Gen Z/ “Zellennials” (yuck) want to feel seen in brands marketing campaigns with a whopping 57% of consumers are more loyal to brands that commit to addressing social inequities.

Our “A if for All” DE&I framework stole the show, particularly when we backed it up with some award-winning case studies!

Things ramped up on Day 2 as Sammy moderated “The importance of Diversity and Inclusion in Influencer Marketing” with a star-studded panel of cross-industry experts.

  • Jacob Peters, Vice President – Influencer and Engagement Marketing , J.P. Morgan Payments
  • Jessica Joseph, Founder & Managing Director, Season25
  • Christina Soletti, Senior Director, Content + Communications
  • Ergobaby, and Vik Khagram, Head of Influencer Marketing, Ketchum.


We know that fear can hold brands back from showing up. Lack of inclusivity is largely unintentional but the most-cited reason brands steer clear of it altogether is the fear of getting it wrong. It’s clear the industry still has a way to go but it was inspiring to see so many brands and agencies want to start and asking how.


Photocredit: Vik Khagram (thank you)